About the webinar

Join this webinar to learn about how CrowdFlower has partnered with iMerit to offer users a new standard of data security, trust, and confidentiality through our NDA crowd offering.

Using real-world use cases, this 45-minute webinar will touch on everything from rapidity and affordability of the super-skilled crowd, while being able to ensure high levels data security and confidentiality.

You will learn:

How NDA crowds work
What steps get taken to ensure
data quality and security
The best practices and channels to
leverage when using NDA Crowd
The social impact and impact sourcing

So, not only is your work in good hands...it is doing good.

Meet the speakers

Brian Reavey

Brian Reavey

Director - Contributor Ops at Crowdflower

Brian is Director of Contributor Operations at Crowdflower. That means he spends his days ensuring our contributor-base grow, thrive and diversify to meet all customer data needs.

Anupam Biswas

Anupam Biswas

Head of Ops and Delivery at iMerit

Anupam is head of operations and delivery at iMerit, a human-empowered computing company providing digital services and funded by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation,Omidyar Network,and Khosla Impact.

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Here's how NDA crowds work

We've contracted with BPOs who signed a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) that protects your data.

Your work is only seen by contributors who work for BPOs who have signed with CrowdFlower.

The contributors at those BPOs work in specific locations on company-owned computers; that means you never have to worry about your data leaving their four walls.